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Our story

Next level Emergency Medicine

The world around us is constantly changing.
So are the demands of our patients, and the way we provide healthcare.

Emergency Medicine was always and will always be at the forefront of healthcare. We in EM will be prepared. Prepared for change, prepared for the future, prepared to grow and adapt, to keep providing the best care to our patients.

We are EM-Masterclass. Providing you with world class EM learning packages to prepare you to practice Emergency Medicine, Today and Tomorrow.

Be prepared for the next level of Emergency Medicine! Join EMplus.

Our history


Since the year 2000, the training of Emergency Physicians in the Netherlands has been guided by a state-of-the-art, competency-based curriculum. However, upon completing the current three-year training program, many Emergency Physicians express a sense of incompleteness in their preparedness for the challenges they encounter in the Emergency Department. Several factors contribute to this, including time constraints within the training program, varying levels of autonomy given to Emergency Physicians in Dutch hospitals for making critical management decisions, and a shortage of experienced role models ‘on the floor’ with specialised training in Emergency Medicine.

In response to these challenges, the EM-masterclass foundation was initiated to elevate the knowledge and skills of Dutch Emergency Physicians. Since its inception, numerous Dutch Emergency Physicians have successfully completed one of the intensive Masterclass programs of EM-Masterclass.

Recognising the expanding roles played by Emergency Physicians in healthcare, in 2022, we introduced the Leadership training program to better equip them for leadership positions not only within the Emergency Department but also within the hospital as a whole. This initiative is designed not just for those directly involved in management but also for any Emergency Physician interested in cultivating leadership skills.
In 2023, we introduced short training modules to provide more specialised training opportunities. The RSI training module, for instance, has garnered significant success, with plans for many more modules in the near future.

As of December 2023, EM-masterclass has rebranded as EMplus, reflecting its evolution beyond traditional Masterclasses to offer a more comprehensive range of educational opportunities. This change underscores our commitment to continuously enhancing the capabilities of Emergency Medicine.

Our policy

Registration fee

The comprehensive Masterclass program (15 weeks), which includes accommodations, is priced at 3,500.00 euros per student, with an additional €25,- administration fee for invoicing. For the module and leadership training, pricing varies according to the specific course.

Payment options are available through Direct Debit (with no administration fee) or Invoice. In both cases, you will receive an invoice for your records. Please note that participants from outside the Netherlands cannot use Direct Debit as a payment method; they will receive an invoice instead. For international participants, we offer tailored programs and pricing. For further details, please get in touch with our organisation.

Cancellation of participation

All cancellations must be submitted in writing to

For all courses (Masterclasses, Modules, and Leiderschap training) the following cancellation policy applies:

  1. Cancellation up to two months before the commencement of the course will incur administration costs of €45.
  2. If you cancel up to one month before the start of the course, a cancellation fee equivalent to 50% of the subscription price will be applicable.
  3. Cancellations made after this one-month period will not be eligible for a refund.
    Rest assured, you will always receive confirmation of your cancellation.

Cancellation by EMplus

In order to ensure the effective delivery of our courses, a minimum of fifteen participants is required for each Masterclass and Leiderschap training. For Modules, the minimum participant count may vary depending on the specific course.

At least four weeks prior to the scheduled start date of the Masterclass, Module, or Leiderschap training, we will notify you regarding the course’s status; whether it will proceed as planned or be canceled.