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Thomas Hitchcock

Mentor EMplus
  • Thomas Hitchcock

    Thomas Hitchcock


Thomas Hitchcock

I am an Australian Emergency Physician who was born in Uganda and grew up in Scotland. I have been a FACEM since 1994 and my main specialist appointments have been at Royal Perth Hospital and Fremantle Hospital in Western Australia where I currently work.

My core professional commitment is as a clinician. This has lead to undergraduate and post graduate teaching appointments, clinical research and publication, interest and qualification in clinical forensic medicine, overseas appointment, international qualification, service as Director of Emergency Departments and a Directorate of Critical Care, and appointment as Emeritus Consultant for Patient Safety at the Health Department of Western Australia where I am involved in mortality review and clinical incident reporting.

My current interests include involving patients and their carers in the governance of quality improvement cycles and the utilisation of qualitative methodologies to improve patient safety. I’m also interested in Art as contemporary communication medium, how to establish frog environments in urban areas, and the impact of climate change on farming practice and windsurfing conditions in Western Australia.

I’m looking forward the MNSHA program and the opportunity to meet Dutch Emergency Physicians.