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Master a theme

Each Masterclass is a 15-week intensive training course, during which participants thoroughly delve into a specific theme through a well rounded approach. This approach includes self-study, in-depth case discussions, one-on-one coaching with a mentor, and hands-on training sessions during designated training days. Upon completion of a Masterclass, participants emerge as experts in the chosen theme. The structure and content of the Masterclasses are meticulously designed to stimulate and significantly enhance the development of advanced medical specialist thinking. Please be aware that this Masterclass will be conducted in English.

Characteristics of a masterclass are:

  • Maximum depth and results
  • Covers a theme in detail
  • Lots of inspiring online contact with a personal coach, i.e. experienced Emergency Physician.
  • Flipped classroom-room teaching: a lot of flexibility in agenda planning
  • Duration 15 weeks; including start day, return day and final 3 training days.
  • Weekly self-study of 10-15 hours